Completely You

We love working with incredible artists.  Some of our favorite artists are musicians.

One thing we are pretty damn good at and looove to do, is brand that musician!  Now, don’t run away – I didn’t say “create sell-outs”.  That’s a common misconception. A HUGE misconception.

Let me explain.  If a musician or band simply wants to create art and use it as a form of expression, fantastic!  I fully support that.  However, I have heard SO MANY musicians complain about being ‘starving’ artists and that the music industry sucks.  Well, yes, the music business can be very difficult to break into.  Thing is, there are two very key words I just used.  Industry and business.  That’s what it is folks.  If you want to succeed as a musician, as in – get paid for what you are absolutely incredible at, then you, sweetheart, are entering a business and industry where there are some basic rules.  Do following the rules promise that you will win the race?  Of course not, but let me tell you – the ones who DO win the race, DO follow most of the rules.

SO.  Getting back to branding.  (Can we just do away with all our pre-conceived judgements of the word?)

Let’s instead, use the word EMPOWERMENT.

What if branding were truly empowerment?  The way we do it, it absolutely is.  The people in the industry – the venue owners, the producers, labels, bookers, promoters, media etc…  all want to know WHO and WHAT they are buying.   What’s your packaging?  Is it dependable?  Does your EPK reflect your genre and personal image?  Is that consistent in your videos, photos and web presence?  How do you hold yourself on stage and in interviews?

Don’t get too overwhelmed… but all that really does count when you are wanting to get ahead in the music industry.  What WE love to do is get down to your heart – your roots – who you REALLY are.  What does THAT look like?

…. See, branding doesn’t have to be placing and image ON you… rather, we think it should be far more authentic:  taking your strengths and making sure they are your consistent signature in all that represents you and your music.

When you are able to accept that, you are able to see how authentic branding is an empowering tool for the musician’s success!

We are on your team and want you to succeed with your musical integrity in tact.  You know your dreams and what you are capable of.  Don’t let the “rules” scare you away from the game.

Simply be the strongest and most confidently fearless version of yourself…  and claim it.

If you or someone you know are a musician, feel free to find that cute little ‘link’ icon at the top of the page and get in touch.  We are happy to be of service and happy to keep that fire in your step to living your bliss!

Be Completely You.