Come now, let’s be Unreasonable…

You know that secret box you keep under the bed and hope to holy heaven that no one ever finds? Or maybe it’s not a physical box, but you know you have one in your mind. For some it contains little messages, written to self, that proclaim the deep desire to learn to sing. (yikes!) Or move to Italy. (mmmm….) What about letting your sexy wild side out in bed? (spicy!) Or do something noble like sell your business and commit to an orphanage in Mexico or China?

All of the above and alike are desires that people everywhere all over the globe have tucked away secretly but are too afraid to really pursue. Why? Because everyone has a reason they can’t! Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of loneliness…

In this short but sweet post, I have a favor to ask of you.

Get out that box and look through it. Finger through the photos in your mind, of the places you desperately want to travel to. Imagine what it would feel like to be surrounded by the people that inspire you. See yourself doing what it is you always wished you could do, but dismissed, because of lack of money, support, courage or drive … and awaken the passion. Just see how it feels and swim in it. How does your spirit feel? Are you smiling?

Be unreasonable. Think outside the box and imagine a reality that’s more colorful and full of more possibilities. And for heaven’s sake – don’t get caught up in “that could never happen” !! All I asked of you was to entertain the imagery and to involve your senses.

I can’t say if we have one life or more, but what I do know is that a life lived without passion is a waste of life. There are so many possibilities out there but so many people get hung up on the most limiting question: HOW? Really?? So many creative and innovative individuals and we let ourselves get short stopped by that damn three letter word.

What if we change the question? You want to change your life? I can help you. Step one and two: Change your thinking and change the questions. Begin to ask yourself, “What is possible that I’ve never allowed to be possible?” Don’t try to answer it… Just ask… You’d be surprised at the inspiration that will follow.

I hope you allow for unreasonable ideas to flow into your incredible mind today. Allow your imagination to be enlightened and match those desperate desires inside of you.

If that overwhelms you, that’s ok. This can be a rough process, but that’s why I’m here to help. Feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to creatively coach you through the next steps. I don’t want to see anyone limited in their dreams and aspirations.

Be Unreasonable. Dare to dream. Dare to be.

Yours Truly,


Are You Smiling?

Just checking.

Are you smiling?   Have you laughed today?

Whether this is the start, middle or end of your week, I swear you have something to smile about.  If you can’t find that *something*, then darlin, something is WAY off track.

Today, I was recalling when my beautiful grandma, ridden with various illnesses, was slowly dying, in worlds of pain and had just had her leg removed due to diabetes.  Counter to what I expected, she not only had a  smile on her lips, but it was also in her eyes.

The Christmas season brings up these memories for me and can be emotional for me because my family always poured themselves into the festive winter holiday.  In our home, there were always grandparents, aunt’s and uncles …  with cousins always scheming to see who would sleep over just to keep the party going.  Predictably found in the kitchen, usually warming more coffee and tamales, we all knew my wonderfully strong grandmother as a foundational woman in our family.  She was our bond and our glue.   Unfortunately, her death was the awakening in us all that we could no longer lean on HER strength for OUR happiness.

But I remember standing there, next to her bed, post op – admiring the space that once held her warrior leg and I thought to myself…   She is my hero.  This woman had taught me endless lessons in my life and now she was leaving.  Heart wrenching as it was to watch her go, there remained the gift she gave and this was her smile.

In the face of rejection, she smiled.

Watching her family taken by poverty, abuse, neglect, drugs and alcohol – This miracle of a woman still had her smile.

I realize now the secret to her road of bliss.

Gratitude.  Gratitude in the wake of chaos is what leaves your heart at peace and ultimately grows a smile that reaches to not only your lips but also to your eyes.

No matter your place or pain, there continues to be beauty all around.  Life, love and abundance waits to be experienced but it only increases as you see and appreciate it.

I have my ups and downs, but I know what I desire.  I desire to love and live more. To see the miracles and be them.

Please don’t get distracted by the pain that comes and goes. Instead place your focus on what you want to grow and remain!  You have the chance to create your life to be a miracle that spreads inspiration like wild-fire to the world around you.   What will you do with that?  Choose the course of your day.  Choose YOUR smile. It’s starts with now.

Desire and be.  Life is waiting.

Completely You

We love working with incredible artists.  Some of our favorite artists are musicians.

One thing we are pretty damn good at and looove to do, is brand that musician!  Now, don’t run away – I didn’t say “create sell-outs”.  That’s a common misconception. A HUGE misconception.

Let me explain.  If a musician or band simply wants to create art and use it as a form of expression, fantastic!  I fully support that.  However, I have heard SO MANY musicians complain about being ‘starving’ artists and that the music industry sucks.  Well, yes, the music business can be very difficult to break into.  Thing is, there are two very key words I just used.  Industry and business.  That’s what it is folks.  If you want to succeed as a musician, as in – get paid for what you are absolutely incredible at, then you, sweetheart, are entering a business and industry where there are some basic rules.  Do following the rules promise that you will win the race?  Of course not, but let me tell you – the ones who DO win the race, DO follow most of the rules.

SO.  Getting back to branding.  (Can we just do away with all our pre-conceived judgements of the word?)

Let’s instead, use the word EMPOWERMENT.

What if branding were truly empowerment?  The way we do it, it absolutely is.  The people in the industry – the venue owners, the producers, labels, bookers, promoters, media etc…  all want to know WHO and WHAT they are buying.   What’s your packaging?  Is it dependable?  Does your EPK reflect your genre and personal image?  Is that consistent in your videos, photos and web presence?  How do you hold yourself on stage and in interviews?

Don’t get too overwhelmed… but all that really does count when you are wanting to get ahead in the music industry.  What WE love to do is get down to your heart – your roots – who you REALLY are.  What does THAT look like?

…. See, branding doesn’t have to be placing and image ON you… rather, we think it should be far more authentic:  taking your strengths and making sure they are your consistent signature in all that represents you and your music.

When you are able to accept that, you are able to see how authentic branding is an empowering tool for the musician’s success!

We are on your team and want you to succeed with your musical integrity in tact.  You know your dreams and what you are capable of.  Don’t let the “rules” scare you away from the game.

Simply be the strongest and most confidently fearless version of yourself…  and claim it.

If you or someone you know are a musician, feel free to find that cute little ‘link’ icon at the top of the page and get in touch.  We are happy to be of service and happy to keep that fire in your step to living your bliss!

Be Completely You.

It’s time. Be Empowered.

I’ve decided it’s absolutely not too early to start those New Year’s resolutions.  And even if you don’t agree, I won’t care because I have based my life on forging new roads contrary to what others deem possible or ok.

SO, sit back and enjoy my rant for a moment or two.

In case those of you don’t know, Solomon Artistry was formed in order to provide a platform for individuals to be empowered and succeed.

Our team is strongly committed to getting your creative talents and ideas seen and heard across the globe.  We have a holistic approach, recognizing that big industries aren’t the only thing with the ability to hold you back, but also your health, status, parenthood, spiritual growth and many other things that can leave you with that ‘underdog’ mentality.

Ok – well, even though it’s entirely unproductive to hold on to that personal and career martyrdom – I realize how common it is and how badly it needs to be addressed.

So whether you are here for styling, consulting, creative direction, PR …. or just here to cozy up and be encouraged… that’s the whole point.

You are here.  You are reading.  Great.  Then be encouraged and know that all the things you think are holding you back, just don’t have to any more.  There are infinite possibilities waiting for you regardless of your path.  Just be open to them.  Be true to yourself.  For more tools, ideas and inspiration….   Subscribe and follow our posts.   We’re excited to get you LIVING.