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This morning, a dear friend posted (on facebook) a beautiful applause to women saying, “To all the incredible, strong, empowered, motivated, thoughtful, artistic, feministic, entrepreneurial, radical, free, sexy, intelligent, women and mothers that I’m better for knowing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you hear this enough. Too much would be not enough. Your very existence makes all our lives better in ways we could never imagine – every single day!”

This moved me. It stirred up a memory in me of this same day about 4 years ago. A very close mom friend and I had went out for a warming tea with our children. The young man behind the counter thanked us for our business and sincerely wished us a happy ‘international women’s day’. We were elated; we had NO IDEA such a thing existed and we were honored to be celebrated.

We carried this joyful high back to her home. But our high was quickly crushed. Her husband at the time felt it his DUTY to inform us of the sexist stupidity of such a holiday… women are nothing special, after all.

I watched as her shoulders hunched and spirit was sucked dry. It should be noted that this man had other issues going on as well and this sort of verbal and emotional abuse was not uncommon and would only get worse before it got better.

Nonetheless, this was the story I recalled as I read my friend’s honorable post of gratitude for the divine feminine. It summoned me to think over the things I have gone through in the last few years. I fell into one of the lowest places I have ever been. In this time, I experienced trauma, PTSD, a divorce and severe depression. However, life did not allow me to slow down and lick my wounds. In the midst of this pain, my three children still needed their mama’s love and attention. I needed to work and provide for us. But friendships were far and few and my bed was very cold. Had there been someone to lay with at night, I still believe it would have been cold because I had no connection with my inner self. I had no clue who I was anymore, much less what to do with my life. I feel that time was truly the rebirth of my soul.

There is something truly miraculous about the divine feminine. She is, all at same time, a wild warrior, a wise old sage, a playful girl and an elegant queen. Different strengths and weakness are shown in different times of need, but all archetypes are consistently present.

I am not the only woman to have endured offenses against my mind and body. I am not the only woman who has been alone and rejected or told that I can’t or won’t succeed.


When our world falls down around us, we continue as the warrior does. We love, we hold, we nurture and heal. We creatively manage our lives and others in the midst of our challenges. We get shit done and make it LOOK GOOD too.

Ladies, this is your hour. It’s time for you to look in the mirror, say ‘I love you’ and live out that love! You CAN be healthy, you can be sexy, you can experience a life and career that leaves you feeling fulfilled and successful.


Who’s life are you living? What would you like to do different?

It starts with a choice.

It’s starts with this moment.

Let the past be the past and let the present be your golden hour.

Do you know someone ready to take that step and really truly live?

Get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

peace and power to you,



LADIES! What if you could make MORE of your LIFE?

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I regularly meet with the most amazing people who are energized and ready to really live and do what they love.

But they are STUCK.

We often FEEL stuck, because we are so busy trying to please everyone around us as if our martyrdom is our ‘gift’ to mankind (or just our family) … But in the end, the best gift you can leave with humanity is to love and respect yourself enough to be true to your dreams, desires and gifts.  I’m not talking about ego crazy self-indulgence here – but good old fashioned self respect and worth. We live in a society that esteems us based on our appearance, accomplishments and self sacrifice. I know, as a mother, that it’s all too easy to give and give, thinking I’m performing my humble service – when in reality, when I do that, I’m only giving them a burnt out woman.

It’s time for a paradigm shift, friends! WHAT IF, that spirit of universal motherhood in all of us, was calling us to a life of divine bliss, compassion and incredible fulfillment? I believe it is, wholly and loud, ready to rock your reality!

LADIES. We’ve spent far too long trying to be what everyone else wants us to be. It’s time for CHANGE. Now, I don’t know your background or what you have been through. But I have lived. I’ve done what people told me was the ‘RIGHT THING TO DO’ and I’ve ‘rebelled’ against those things too. I’ve been treated like people’s property with no RESPECT for my body or my voice. I married young, created beautiful children, loved what I made but forgot how to LOVE myself. I forgot my PASSIONS. I neglected my CREATIVITY. It wasn’t long before my downward spiral led me to a darkness that left me feeling alone, empty and rejected. But then, as it always does, THE LIGHT RETURNED and I learned what it truly meant to LOVE myself. To DEMAND THE BEST and to be fully present IN THE BEAUTY OF LIFE. The future was mine to CREATE. INSPIRATION was IGNITED and my fired BURNED. I received love, laughter, healing and FREEDOM from my past. It was time to LIVE AGAIN…. But for the first time. This JOY born in me is contagious. And I have every INTENTION to spread it.






*For those who are ready to live fully and dive in to bliss, I invite you to join us for the “Dive In to Bliss” Course to beginning Feb. 5, 2014. It is a 6 week, online introduction into empowerment for the dormant or unsatisfied sould with a desire for MORE in life. Please email with interest and I look forward to igniting your year!

Travel Light, Be the Light

1514431_10202289448071125_276460936_nIt’s New Years again.  Hashtags like #resolution & #dietfail get to claim their place on the trending belt, while hopes, dreams and goals, flirted with for a few weeks, are predictably set on a shelf for the rest of the year and revisited around Christmas. (at best)

Why is that??  Well, let’s back it up a little bit here.  Every year, December rolls around with all the hustle and bustle that we all know is coming.  Some have a nostalgic association with the busy holiday while others remain proudly unaffiliated.  But with all the lights, giving and family gatherings, we seem to subconsciously (or consciously) begin to take an assessment of our lives, whether it be family, finances, relationship, careers…  Then the bitterness sets in.

It reminds me of what I went through a while back.  I had just divorced and  was living in less than desirable conditions with my 3 children.  We had just decorated our beautiful Christmas tree and were sitting in the glow of the golden lights, as I quickly transformed in to the scroogiest version of myself.  Suddenly, I felt so overwhelmed with anger toward everyone.  I was angry at my upbringing, my failed marriage, my drifting dreams, my abuse, feeling forgotten by my family … and all this pain became the justification for my constant partying and searching for whatever would ease the pain of betrayal and self loathing.

But then…  as it tends to happen…  just as I was content to swim in my self pity, life beckoned me to awaken and see the truth.  I betrayed MYSELF.

I was angry at the abuse, rejection and betrayal that other people had inflicted on me and forgotten to see that the biggest betrayal of them all, was to let them determine who I AM and what I deserve.

~ I swear, this is going somewhere wonderful, so keep with me here … your heart will thank you! ~

In the time of the year where the days are longest and the darkness feels maddening …  light whispers of it’s return and we are inspired to live again.  The year shifts and we are given an opportunity to renew, be healthy, love, succeed …. and just try.  But the fear of the darkness, judgement, failure and rejection stunt our attempts, leaving us frustrated and discouraged at what we have chosen to believe as ‘lack of self discipline’, ‘weakness’ or ….’it’s just the way I am’.

It’s time to answer the call of the light and FEEL LIGHT.  BE LIGHT.  Stop living in the fear of not pleasing the people around you and please yourself!  I’m not asking that we all become immersed in our ego’s, but for goodness sake, stop playing the martyr by sacrificing yourself to your jobs and family; and then proceeding to resent them for your limitations!  You are only limited by your beliefs.

What if the New Year came with *internal* resolutions?  We are so quick to set external goals and get pissed at the external circumstances that get in our way.  But internal?  That’s all yours, friend. You are the owner of your heart, soul and mind.   The inward change is what creates outward results.   By recognizing that you have the power to place yourself in healthy situations, to set boundaries, to learn self respect and self love …  these are the resolutions that create change.

Life is too short to sit around abusing yourself for what you haven’t done yet.  You want change?  You want to grow and follow what makes you feel alive!  YOU CAN.  You are the only one in your way.  So step aside and find yourself in gratitude for the beauty and allow it to multiply.  What we focus on determines our direction and what we will experience.  The lies and baggage we carry on our shoulders, slow us down and limit us from living the possibilities out there waiting for us!  Let them go.  Be the master of your heart and choose to love yourself unconditionally.

Don’t let other’s determine your destiny… rather, forge your road and travel it well.  Leave behind the heavy burden of resentment, fear and anger …. Travel light.  BE the light.  Be YOU…. and resolutions will follow.


*as it can be in life, if this journey of change and self empowerment is calling you but feels too enormous to tackle alone, I’m here to coach you through it.  Empowerment life coaching and Creative Strategy: Desire first and be in touch…  I’m just an email away