About Us

We’d love to get to know you!  In the meantime, here’s a little about us:


Navae:  Solomon Artistry is the product of my desire   to bring awareness of opportunity to individuals ready to live but are held back by believing it is impossible. In addition to 15 years plus of combined experience in fashion as a stylist, creative direction, marketing, strategy and coaching, I am also a mother of 3, in love with the man of my dreams, resident of both the US and Europe, trained vocalist (opera!), world traveler, lover of culture, natural health, personal transformation, creative business development, divine connectedness, and passionate advocate for women everywhere to reclaim their divine femininity, embrace & reclaim their sexuality and follow their dreams!



 Olivia: I jumped into Solomon Artistry excited for the possibilities that waited for people with dormant      creativity that are ready to really live their lives!  I have spent my life learning about the things I am          passionate about and am committed to applying those lessons through the ups and downs.  As a teacher  and mother of two, I am constantly reminded of the truths I am challenged to learn from and am excited  for the growth and opportunity they continue to bring.  Born in the US, I am a resident of Prague, where  have the opportunity to follow my gifts in teaching, fashion, art, creative direction and community culture.  A lover of nature, health, spirituality and people, I have a natural deep desire to open people’s eyes to new ideas for health, growth, success and inspiration!






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