Sometimes Life Throws A Wild Card

So much happening on my end. Someone I really admire (if you haven’t seen her site or reaped from her awesomeness, check her out!) is Danielle LaPorte. She has a successful business and after so much hard work and planning multiple issues of an incredible magazine – She heard an inner whisper telling her… ‘no’. The humility it takes to accept redirection is incredible. And honorable. And down right, inspirational.

I’ve been in a bit of hiding lately; a sort of rebirth. It’s been a dizzying experience that has involved laughing and crying – sometimes simultaneously. I’m thankful to my partner, children & close friends for being patient and encouraging me in the process.

While I can’t totally share all that the journey has involved, I will tell you that it has shown me personal truths that are enabling me to be empower my clients in the creative ways I know best. I’m excited about the opportunities and can’t wait to share more.

In the end, the biggest lesson I have learned in this, is the necessity for personal and global creativity and connection to co-exist in our lives in vibrant balance. Both are necessary and BOTH create the beauty we want to experience in life.

This is both my message and mission. This is the purpose behind my creative and life pursuits.

I can’t wait to share more.


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