Month: March 2014

Sometimes Life Throws A Wild Card

So much happening on my end. Someone I really admire (if you haven’t seen her site or reaped from her awesomeness, check her out!) is Danielle LaPorte. She has a successful business and after so much hard work and planning multiple issues of an incredible magazine – She heard an inner whisper telling her… ‘no’. The humility it takes to accept redirection is incredible. And honorable. And down right, inspirational.

I’ve been in a bit of hiding lately; a sort of rebirth. It’s been a dizzying experience that has involved laughing and crying – sometimes simultaneously. I’m thankful to my partner, children & close friends for being patient and encouraging me in the process.

While I can’t totally share all that the journey has involved, I will tell you that it has shown me personal truths that are enabling me to be empower my clients in the creative ways I know best. I’m excited about the opportunities and can’t wait to share more.

In the end, the biggest lesson I have learned in this, is the necessity for personal and global creativity and connection to co-exist in our lives in vibrant balance. Both are necessary and BOTH create the beauty we want to experience in life.

This is both my message and mission. This is the purpose behind my creative and life pursuits.

I can’t wait to share more.




I want to hear from you now, more than ever!! What brings on the tears? What makes you feel powerful? What would you like to change? As a single mom to 3 kids, I know how overwhelming life can be and the challenges you are facing. But I’m here for you.

I love coaching and motivating all you incredible women and moms toward your goals; whether personal health, growth, relationship, sex, parenting and even recreating your life to be what you want it to be. But the best way for me to do this, is to set a top-notch example.

I’m proud to say that I’ve jumped on an opportunity to deepen my understanding and enhance my skills. It’s a leap of faith and I’m excited for the results I’ll be able to experience with you.

Out of respect for myself, I will be taking a ‘blog post’ sabbatical for a very brief period, but I don’t want to stop being in touch with you.
In fact, I’d love to hear from you NOW more than -ever- !!

So please, please, PLEASE, go to and jump on my mailing list. I will be dedicatedly sending out a newsletter each Sunday to all of you, sending out the most encouraging tips possible for you power women who just need that boost. Send me your questions, frustrations, curiosities and positive thoughts! What a better time than the start of the week?

Talk to me, ladies!! You deserve to be heard and you deserve the life you want most.

Let’s get it.



This morning, a dear friend posted (on facebook) a beautiful applause to women saying, “To all the incredible, strong, empowered, motivated, thoughtful, artistic, feministic, entrepreneurial, radical, free, sexy, intelligent, women and mothers that I’m better for knowing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you hear this enough. Too much would be not enough. Your very existence makes all our lives better in ways we could never imagine – every single day!”

This moved me. It stirred up a memory in me of this same day about 4 years ago. A very close mom friend and I had went out for a warming tea with our children. The young man behind the counter thanked us for our business and sincerely wished us a happy ‘international women’s day’. We were elated; we had NO IDEA such a thing existed and we were honored to be celebrated.

We carried this joyful high back to her home. But our high was quickly crushed. Her husband at the time felt it his DUTY to inform us of the sexist stupidity of such a holiday… women are nothing special, after all.

I watched as her shoulders hunched and spirit was sucked dry. It should be noted that this man had other issues going on as well and this sort of verbal and emotional abuse was not uncommon and would only get worse before it got better.

Nonetheless, this was the story I recalled as I read my friend’s honorable post of gratitude for the divine feminine. It summoned me to think over the things I have gone through in the last few years. I fell into one of the lowest places I have ever been. In this time, I experienced trauma, PTSD, a divorce and severe depression. However, life did not allow me to slow down and lick my wounds. In the midst of this pain, my three children still needed their mama’s love and attention. I needed to work and provide for us. But friendships were far and few and my bed was very cold. Had there been someone to lay with at night, I still believe it would have been cold because I had no connection with my inner self. I had no clue who I was anymore, much less what to do with my life. I feel that time was truly the rebirth of my soul.

There is something truly miraculous about the divine feminine. She is, all at same time, a wild warrior, a wise old sage, a playful girl and an elegant queen. Different strengths and weakness are shown in different times of need, but all archetypes are consistently present.

I am not the only woman to have endured offenses against my mind and body. I am not the only woman who has been alone and rejected or told that I can’t or won’t succeed.


When our world falls down around us, we continue as the warrior does. We love, we hold, we nurture and heal. We creatively manage our lives and others in the midst of our challenges. We get shit done and make it LOOK GOOD too.

Ladies, this is your hour. It’s time for you to look in the mirror, say ‘I love you’ and live out that love! You CAN be healthy, you can be sexy, you can experience a life and career that leaves you feeling fulfilled and successful.


Who’s life are you living? What would you like to do different?

It starts with a choice.

It’s starts with this moment.

Let the past be the past and let the present be your golden hour.

Do you know someone ready to take that step and really truly live?

Get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

peace and power to you,